Detached Garage Fire Brings 44 Firefighters to Waldorf
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
March 6, 2024

At approximately 12:40 PM Charles County 911 Center received calls for the reported garage on fire in the 2900 blk of Old Washington Road. The "structure fire detached shed" assignment was immediately sent to the address. E31 arrived one minute after dispatch established "tactical command" and confirmed the detached outbuilding was full engulfed. Chief 1 (Hutchins) arrived to assume command at his vehicle, assigned Truck #1 to assist E31 with extinguishment and overhaul. Chief 2 (Herbert) was assigned "safety", Chief 11B (McCormick) was assigned "charlie side" with fire under control, command ordered all other units to "stage". Command request the Fire Marshals Office to respond, units began to clear, holding E31, T1, SQ2, A60, all units cleared within one hour of the incident. There were no reported injuries'. Cause of this fire was "accidental".

Units: E31, E121, RE11, T1, SQ2, CH1, CH2, BCH17, CH11B, CH15, A60, CAR1707
Mutual Aid: E824, E840, ETA836, T825, BC887