Public Safety Survey Now Available Online - CALL TO ACTION!
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
April 15, 2024

The Charter Board has placed a survey on the Charles County website regarding Public Safety concerns.

This includes Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement. Please go to this survey and respond.

Just so you know the background the Fire and EMS volunteers for Charles County has not had a tax rate increase in over 20 years.

The cost of apparatus, equipment and housing has increased tremendously in that period of time.

The volunteers operate under Chapter 54 under Charles County code.

Our financial records are a public document and we place monies for apparatus and buildings in escrow accounts.

Our operation and maintenance funds have decreased in purchasing value due to inflation.

Our fund raising activities have been challenging due to increased responses and more training requirements of our personnel.

You all need to be informed before blindly taking this survey without this and other information.

For your ease of navigation, use the QR CODE in the attachment of this news feed!

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