Daylight Saving Time (DST)
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
November 2, 2023

Daylight Saving Time (DST) concludes on Sunday, November 5th at 2 a.m., when clocks nationwide will be set back to 1 a.m. The conclusion of DST is typically more welcomed than its start, as it grants us an extra hour of sleep. Nevertheless, it does come with a drawback, as darkness falls earlier in the day.

Although your Wi-Fi-enabled devices will adjust automatically, you'll need to manually reset some of your household clocks, such as those on your oven and microwave. While you're resetting your clocks, take the opportunity to also replace the batteries in your smoke alarms.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) initiated the "Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries" campaign to encourage homeowners to swap out their smoke alarm batteries whenever they adjust their clocks for DST, which happens twice a year.

Inspecting and replacing your smoke alarm batteries is a straightforward task, but the challenge lies in remembering to do it. That's why aligning this task with the end of DST is a perfect reminder. As DST concludes, here's your friendly nudge to replace those batteries, complete with smoke alarm maintenance tips and information to keep them functioning effectively throughout the year.