House Fire in Pinefield Community of Waldorf
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
December 16, 2022

At just about 3:45 P.M. a neighbor behind her in the 3600 blk of Lisa Way reported the back of the house was on fire sending 44 Fire/EMS personnel to the scene. E31 arrived with their hydrant in front stretched 1.5" hose line through the front door and began putting the well advanced fire out. Duty Officer #3 arrived established "command" with the altered assignment on the way to the scene gave instructions to incoming units. E836 arrived and utilized a back-up attack line to assist extinguishing the fire throughout. T La Plata Truck #1 arrived and began opening up the structure ceilings for the extension in the attic. Division #1 supervisor (Chief 1B) reported all visible fire out within 15 minutes of arrival. Red Cross notified, Fire Marshal's Office on scene for an investigation. No injuries were reported. All Fire/EMS units cleared at 5:45 P.M.

Units: E31, E32, TW3, E102, T1, T11, SQ2, CH3, DO3, BC3A, CH1B, PA37, A39, RC17A, CAR1707
Mutual Aid: E836, E845, E821, BC887,