Early Morning Structure Fire in Indian Head
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
March 10, 2022

Just before 4:00 A.M. this morning 911 received a call from the home owner in the unit block of Mattingly Ave. in Indian Head her kitchen was on fire. Fire/EMS units from the westside of the county were immediately dispatched to the location, NDW Engine 201 arriving in minutes reporting "fire showing in the rear" establishing tactical command. 360 report was given by E201 officer reporting a basement walkout and hoarding conditions throughout the structure. BC11 (McCormick) arrived assuming command, assigning CH11A, E201, T20 to "Division 1". Other fire units arriving were assuming their respective responsibilities, while man power staged in front of the structure. Fire was extinguished, command holding E201, E112, E91, E82, T20, T1, T12, SQ7, PA11. EMS evaluated one firefighter for injury, no transport required. This incident was very challenging to the responding units due to the "severe hoarding conditions". No civilian injuries reported, SMECO secured power, Red Cross assisting the home owner, Fire Marshal continues their investigation. Units cleared the scene at 7:40 A.M.

Units: E91, E112, E82, E211, E32, T20, T1, T12, SQ7, BC11, CH11A, CH8, CH8A, PA8, PA11, CAR1707
Mutual Aid: E201, E211, T20, BC20, E824, BC885