Plane Crash Near Maryland Airport
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
February 17, 2021

At 9:47 a.m. Charles County 911 center received a call pinging from a cell phone in the area of the 6200 Bumpy Oak Road. Caller reported his Cessna 150 plane has crashed in the trees prior to the Maryland Airport, two occupants are not hurt. Fire/EMS units from Bryans Road, Potomac Heights and surrounding departments responded sending 46 personnel to the area of the Hiker-Biker Trail on Bumpy Oak Road. Battalion Chief 7B (Gimmel) arrived on scene and assigned Chief 1B and E72 as "recon" staging remaining units. Chief 1B and E72 arrived to the crash site, confirming no injuries by occupants, small fuel leak, secured once power to the plane was cut off. No fire, no inquires, Fire/EMS units cleared the scene in about 45 minutes, FAA, MSP are on scene investigating.

Units: E112, E114, B11, E72, TA7, SQ7, SQ8, ATV8, FTA1, SU9, ATV4, ATV16B, PA11, SMDO, HMDO16A, BCH7B, SOC17, CH1A, CH1B, CH4, DO8, CAR1707, CAR1606A, CH16A
Mutual Aid: E201, HM20,