Working Fire Dispatch Sent to South Hampton
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
November 12, 2020

Charles County 911 Center received an emergency call from a female occupant at 5228 Greenville Drive in Bryans Road thought her clothes dryer was on fire and the smoke alarm was going off. A structure fire assignment was immediately sent to the location within minutes E112 arrived reporting "nothing evident" on side alpha. 360 size up was given with nothing evident. Chief 11 (McCormick) arrived established command. E112 made entry into the front door to find a fire on the second floor of the home. Command request the "working fire upgrade" staging those units nearby. Command assigned Tower 9 and Rescue Squad 8 to the interior to assist with the extinguishment and possible extension of the fire to area walls. E72 arrived securing water supply and stretched a back up line. Fire was out within minutes, all occupants accounted for, fire/smoke damage to the second floor. No injuries were reported, occupants will be cared for by family members. 47 Fire/EMS personnel responded to the scene with mutual aid from NDW Indian Head and Prince George's County Fire. Fire Marshal's Office was notified, Command was terminated in just an hour of the incident...

Units: E112, RE11, E72, E73, E12, TW9, T12, SQ8, PA11, CH11, CH11A, BC8, CH9A, CAR1707
Mutual Aid: E201, BC20, E824