Tenth District Volunteers and Surrounding Departments Go To Red Hill Drive
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
November 9, 2020

49 fire and EMS units from Tenth District and area departments including mutual aid from NDW Indian Head and NDW Stump Neck were called on to respond to a "garage on fire" with fire spreading to the house on Red Hill Drive in Pisgah. The call came to our 911 center at 3:15 p.m., in just minutes E83 first arriving reported two small sheds on fire, fire is controlled. Chief 8A (Danielson) established command, assigned water supply (Chief 7 and E201) and E73, Tanker 8, Tanker 7 to assist units with overhaul. Command released remaining units in about 10 minutes. Fire was caused by a "pile of trash" in the back yard that extended to the two small sheds near the residence....

Units: E83, E73, RE4, ETA11, TW9, T11, TA8, TA7, SQ8, SQ10, PA8, CH8A, CH7, C11, CAR1707
Mutual Aid: E211, E201, T20, CH20