Waldorf Volunteer Past Chief Dan Stevens Nominated for Smith N. Stathem Memorial Safety Award
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
October 2, 2020

WVFD Past Chief and Retired MFRI Coordinator Dan Stevens was nominated for the following award during SMVFA Annual Convention

The Smith N. Stathem, Jr. Memorial Safety Award is established in 1998 by the MSFA Safety Committee and the family of MSFA Past President Stathem. The award was accepted by the MSFA Executive Committee in 1997. This award is to be presented each year at the Annual MSFA Convention and Conference to an individual who does the most to promote firefighter / EMS safety within his/her department /company. The award is for an individual effort and, therefore, submission of the entry must be for one individual rather than a group effort. The intent of the award is to promote safety within the member departments and to encourage the safety officer program. The trophy is held for one year and relinquished at the subsequent MSFA Convention and Conference.