Southern Maryland PPE Heat Sanitizing Module
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
April 28, 2020

We believe that heat is the most effective way to sanitize PPE. Others have told us to look at UV Sanitation and Vaporized H2O2. The problem with those two solutions is that America is running out of UV lightbulbs and H2O2. On the flip side, America has plenty of oil and plenty of steel!

Proposed Solution
Our solution is a modular steel box with an external oil furnace. This design heats the internal temperature of the box to 158 degrees, and when left for 60 minutes, the COVID virus is destroyed.

The first module will be complete by the COB (4/2/20), and all parts and labor were donated by Burch Oil and Triton Steel, both Southern Maryland companies.

Our Ask
We are looking for connections that may be able to offer fas- track testing, which will ultimately lead to FDA approval of our design.

Partners: Triton Defense, Burchoil, SOMD Loves You, TechPort UMD, and Spirit of Innovation & Freedom.