Volunteers Answer Call for Chimney Fire
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
November 17, 2019

Just before 6:00 p.m. tonight a neighbor on Ravine Drive in Bryans Road called our 911 center reporting their neighbors chimney was burning flames on the roof. Communications dispatched the "Chimney Fire" assignment bringing numerous fire apparatus with 39 personnel to the scene. First arriving, E112 reports an "active chimney fire" followed by Chief 11 (McCormick) "establishing command" assigning E112, E32 and T1 as "attack group" and BC8 (Newman) as supervisor. T1 "chained the chimney", used dry powder bombs to assist with the cooling/extinguishment of the chimney. Within 10 minutes, "command" scaled the incident back to E112, T1, E32, BC8. BC8 informed the elderly home owners to contact a "chimney cleaning contractor" before starting another fire in their fireplace.

Units: E112, E121, E32, E72, T1, SQ8, FTA11, TA8, TA7, PA118, CH11, BC8, CAR1707
Mutual Aid: T824

Terri November 18, 2019 at 1:07 AM
Great job Guys! Glad everybody safe!