Assistance For Firefighters Grant Awarded to Cobb Island V.F.D. and EMS for New SCBA Equipment
By Coordinator/Public Information Officer William Smith
September 8, 2017

The Cobb Island Volunteer Fire Department and EMS was notified officially today that our department has been awarded an Assistance for Firefighters Grant through FEMA in the amount of $217,715.00

The funds allocated from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant will help replace our aging Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) which is a mix of models spanning 14-20 years in age. Our oldest packs are more than 2 standards old, going as far back as the 1981-1997 NFPA edition. This grant will allow us to replace our SCBA with 28 new and state of the art SCBA packs with safety features built in for our firefighters. We will now be in a better position to provide for the safety of our firefighters as well as provide for the safety of our community with the help and assistance from the AFG Grant. Grant award for new SCBA in the amount of $173,600.00 will includes 28 Harness/Backpack, 28 Face Piece and 56 cylinders.

Also with the AFG grant our department requested funding for the replacement of our breathing air compressor system. Our current breathing air compressor system is approximately 30 years old and has served our department and neighboring departments well. As with any system with age it is almost impossible to find replacement parts when our compressor breaks. We currently help fill other surrounding Fire Departments SCBA bottles since they do not have a compressor of their own. This grant award in the amount $55,000 will aid in the purchase of a new 6000 psi compressor/cascade system.

The combination of 28 new SCBA packs and new breathing air compressor system will ensure our department is up to date according to NFPA standards. The total amount of the Assistance to Firefighters Grant is in the amount of $217,715.00.

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